Sunday, September 18, 2011

September 18th 2011 At Grandma D's House hehe

Okay bloggers so it's been two full weeks since I last updated you I'm truly sorry for that. A and B and I haven't been going out as much because we're saving for a car! We're also going back to Disneyland in four days to spend seven wonderful days with my best pal Mickey Mouse! As of right now I'm at my grandmas house because yesterday she took me, A and B shopping at marshals... Boy what an adventure that was! I tried on so many clothes because grandma made me! Then we went to Khols where I met Marilyn Monroe and took a nap in a tiny bed just long enough for me! Then we headed to lunch where I met my grandpa for the very first time! I'm not sure he liked me too much he called me a stuffed bear!! We then made our way across the parking lot and into the restaurant when grandma gave me water because I was parched from our adventures. Then we traveled to B's work because she had to work that afternoon :(. But then A and grandma and me went to Starbucks where I made friends with a nice girl named Alana she even gave me a drink in a cup just the size for me!! Then grandma took A home and she and I went to her house where we played until 9 when we went back to B's work to pick her up from work. I got to spend the night at grandmas house and all day today we've been making craft projects and cooking!! It's been busy but fun I can't wait for next week when I will be able to blog about Disneyland!! Well it's WAY past my bedtime so I gotta go but I promise I'll be back soon with more stories to tell!! Nighty night bloggers!

Peace Love and Mickey <3 Duffy

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  1. We need pics Duffy!! please post pics of your little cute self.