Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sorry for my absence...

Hey bloggers sorry I have been gone so long! Since the last time I updated you I got two new brother duffys and an uncle duffy. He has since gone crazy and ran off into the sunset to live a life of freedom with out bretheran at the happiest place on earth. Also we got a new puppy who has been trying to eat me since day one. I'm not to sure about her. We moved into a huge house where I have my own special place to write my blogs and enjoy the peace. I can close the door and lock out all crazy pups and not worry about having one of them eat me. No more trips to the dryer have been made and I've been to disneyland probably about 10 times. Still no sight of crazy uncle duffy though. Although our hopes and prayers are with him that he someday finds his way home soon I hope he is just happy for now. Anyway I have to get going but I will check back in soon. But as for now peace love and mickey


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