Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August 23,2011... Attack Of The Dog!

Today was THE most TERRIFYING day of my LIFE!!! It started out like any normal wonderful day I woke up in a nice cool room with my two favorite people, A and B. They had to go out and when they returned we laid around and watched gLee. We then took a trip to Target (Pics on Facebook) with D and played around in the baby section for a while, seeing as how I am what some might say, petite, I fit perfectly in all the furniture. We then made our way to Trader Joe's where I frolicked in the flowers and  rode around in the cart. All of this may seem like a perfectly fine day, which if it would have ended there, it would have been. However; B and A left again to go to D's house and while they were gone I was laying in B's room minding my own business when all of the sudden a HUGE dog came in ripping me from my spot and chewing my face until I was soaked and dirty! It was Terrifying I didn't think I would make it out alive until he got distracted by some unknown thing... When B discovered me she hurried to scrub my face in hopes that it would soon be clean... It didn't work however and tomorrow I am being introduced to the washer and dryer... I am NOT looking forward to that... Well that's all for tonight bloggers have a pleasant nights rest.

Peace Love and Mickey <3 Duffy


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  2. Wow!! Duffy you have been a beary busy boy! It sounds like you have had a ton of fun and A & B must really love you to take you to all those stores and for food oh and wow the movies too.I seen your pictures :) But I am so so sorry you were all most eaten, Bad dog and bad human for letting him play with you!!